• Chrome extension: Base64 URL version bump

    Nothing much changed. I removed embedded request for invite to one discord server which might pop up for someone who was trying to decode base64-encoded URL likely to be shared on that server. Don’t even ask, I was pissed off and that was not a good thing to do.

  • Manager for Reddit: meet

    Some time ago I created a web-based app to manage my subreddits. The thought was, every subreddit have to be in a multireddit, maybe in more than one; and there are multireddits (NSFW in my case) that can contain subreddits I am not subscribed to. I needed a simple to use interface to enforce those rules, and Reddit’s interface is pretty much unusable for this task.

  • Chrome extension: Base64 URL

    Just released version 1.2 of my extension, allowing one to browse base64-encoded links almost as if they were plain text.


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